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My Favourite Sites

Bridge - a fascinating card game!
Bridge Corner
Bridge Plaza - Everything Bridge on the Web
Claire Bridge (in English and French)
Infobridge (in Italian)

Personal Bridge Pages

Joefri's Bridge-Seite - Jörg Fritsche
For Bridge Players - Richard Pavlicek
Homepage von Elke Weber
Homepage von Klaus-Peter Wiese
Bridgehomepage Jörg & Marie-Louise Zinsli

A comprehensive List of personal Bridge pages can be found at Claire Bridge from France.

Free Software

Deal by Thomas Andrews
Hand Generator by Richard Podkowik
Lerne Bridge zu spielen (DBV)
PBN Homepage (Tis Veugen)
PBN tools by Kaj G. Backas
PostScript Bridge Hand von Masakatsu Sugino

Pages on Systems and Bidding

AnnAM Co.UK (Systems for OKbridge)
BridgeGuys Bridge Bidding Systems
BridgeGuys Conventions (large list)
Daniel's Systems Page
The Bidders' Box (Great Bridge Links)

Unusual Systems

An Unassuming Club
Blue Team Club
The "Captain" Bidding System
L System
Magic Diamond
Mark Abraham's Systems
Moscito Byte (GIB)
Moscito by Bo-Yin Yang (pdf)
Precision with Symmetric Relays

Organizations and Suborganizations of the
World Bridge Federation
Zone 1: EBL European Bridge League
Zone 2: ACBL American Contract Bridge League
Zone 3: CSB Confederación Sudamericana de Bridge
Zone 4: BFAME Bridge Federation of Asia & the Middle East
Zone 5: CACBF Central American & Caribbean Bridge Federation
Zone 6: PABF Pacific Asia Bridge Federation
Zone 7: SPBF South Pacific Bridge Federation
Zone 8: ABF African Bridge Federation
Australia: Australian Bridge Federation
Austria: Österreichischer Bridgesportverband
Danmark: Dansk Bridge Forbund
Finland: Bridgeforbund
France: Fédération Française de Bridge
Germany: Deutscher Bridge-Verband
Bridge-Verband Baden-Württemberg e.V.
Bridge Landesverband Berlin e.V.
Bridgeverband Hamburg-Bremen e.V.
Bridge Landesverband Hannover-Braunschweig e.V.
Landesbridgeverband Hessen
Bezirksverband Neckar-Oberrhein
Bridgeverband Nordbayern
Bridgeverband Nordhessen
Bezirk Nordwest Deutschland
Rheinland-Pfalz / Saar
Bridgeverband Rhein-Ruhr e.V.
Bridgeverband Schleswig-Holstein
Bridge Sport-Verband Südbayern e.V.
Bridge Bezirk Westfalen
Ireland: Contract Bridge Association of Ireland
Netherlands: Nederlandse Bridge Bond
Norway: Norsk Bridgforbund
Portugal: Portugese Bridge Federation
Sweden: Sveriges Bridgeforbund
Switzerland: Fédération Suisse de Bridge
UK: English Bridge Union
Scottish Bridge Union
Welsh Bridge Union
USA: American Contract Bridge League

Lots of additional links including other national contract bridge organizations can be found in the comprehensive link database at Ecats-Bridge.

German Bridge Clubs

Altenholzer Bridge Club
Bridge-Club Bad Honnef e.V.
Bridge Club Bad Salzuflen
Bergedorfer Bridge Verein e.V.
Bridgeclub Berlin e.V. Bridge und Meer
Bridge-Sport-Club Nr. 6 e.V. Berlin
Bridge Club Leineweber Bielefeld
Bridgeclub Böblingen/Sindelfinden
Bridge Club Bonn
Bridge-Club Bremen I e.V.
Bridge-Club Bremen-Nord e.V.
Bridge-Club Celle
Universitäts-Bridge-Club Cottbus e.V.
Bridgeclub Alert Darmstadt e.V.
Bridgeclub Treff 7 Dillingen
Bridge Turnierclub Dortmund e.V.
Dresdner Bridge-Club
Frankfurter Turnier-Bridge-Club von 1958 e.V.
Bridge-Club Göppingen
Bridgeclub Göttingen-Uni
Alster-Bridge-Club Hamburg
Universitäts-Bridge-Club Hamburg e.V.
Bridge TurnierSportClub Hannover
Bridgeclub Herrenberg
Bridgeclub Herzogtum Lauenburg e. V.
Bridgeclub Ingolstadt e.V.
Bridge Club Kiel 1
Bridge-Club Kirchheim-Teck e.V.
Bridgeclub München
Bridgeclub München-Lehel
Bridgeclub München-Planegg
Bridgeclub Münster-Universität
1. Bridge-Club Nürnberg-Fürth
Bridge-Club Neuwied e.V.
Bridgeclub Nürnberg Museum
Bridge-Club Osnabrück Universität
Bridgeclub Prien-Traunstein
Bridgeclub Recklinghausen
Bridgeclub Regensburg-Ost
Bridge-Club Starnberg Würmtal
Stuttgarter Bridgeclub e.V.
Bridge Treff Telgte
Bridgeclub Würzburg
Bridgeclub Wuppertal I

German Tournament Calendars

Official Calendar of the DBV
Calendar of topp+möller
Calendar of Klaus-Peter Wiese

German Bridge Academies

Berliner Bridgeakademie
Düsseldorfer Bridge Akademie
BridgeColleg Hannover

Online Bridge

Bridge Base Online
Bridge Player Live!
Swan Games


Australian Bridge
Bridge Canada
Bridge Magazine (UK)
Bridge Magazine IMP
Bridge Today
Le Bridgeur
The Bridge Companion
The Bridge World
WBF World Bridge News

Commercial Software

Bridge Base
Dealmaster Pro
HCS System Notebook
Larry Cohen
Meadowlark Bridge
Mike Lawrence
Q-plus Bridge

Bridge Books and Supplies

Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies
Batsford Bridge Books
Bridgebücher von Guido Hopfenheit
Bridge+Hobby-Versand Inge Plein
Bridge & More Verlag Evelyn Geissler
London Bridge Centre
Merles Bridge Land
The Bridge Shop
topp+möller deutscher bridge-verlag
Vier Treff


Due to the efforts of Georg Mavridis of Aachen the german bridge mailing list DOUBL is alive and kicking again.

Michael "Gro" Gromöller takes care of the semi-official german Junior's homepage, where you can find among other things information on the traditional Bamberg tournament and on the german bridge camp on castle Rieneck.

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René Steiner October 24, 2006